The Summer 2015 Divide Cup Logo
Tournament starts 8PM on Saturday, January 24, 2015 (NZDT)
Registrations close just before at 7:30PM (NZDT).

Quake Live duel tournament for players in Australia and New Zealand.  Double elimination.  $100 first prize. $50 second prize. $50 spot prize.

Checkin and Registrations are closed.

First prize cup



As winner of the Summer 2015 Divide Cup, your name will be forever emblazoned in our hall of fame – shining as a beacon of inspiration for players following in your footsteps. 

Second prize medal



Getting so close to winning the prized Summer 2015 Divide Cup means you also get rewarded with a place in our hall of fame, right under first place – where you want to be next time.

Spot prize present



Even just turning up with an eagerness to do your best gets you in the draw to win our spot prize – you don’t even have to beat anyone on the day.  What have you got to lose?

Note: All prizes are in AUD.  A valid PayPal account is required to receive a prize.


You can also win a pro subscription just by watching the stream –
just make sure you're in chat when the draws happen.


What is Quake Live?

Quake Live is one of the most fun first-person-shooters around – think virtual paintball with rocket launchers and lightning guns. A duel is a whole 'nother level – like adding chess to the mix. See this video for more.

How do prizes work?

The first and second prizes will go to the winner and runner-up in the competition. The spot prize will be drawn on stream after the final game. Spectator prizes will be given out at our discretion during the stream. All monetary prizes will be paid via PayPal no longer than 48 hours after the event.

What is the map list etc.?

Check out the rules section for that sort of information.

When's the comp?

The tournament starts at 8PM on Saturday, January 24, 2015 (NZDT). Registrations are open till then.

Who's behind The Divide?

At present, The Divide is John 'winegum' Watts and Brendan 'bren' Kilfoil.

Can I play in the comp?

You sure can! The competition is open to anyone. That said, you may want to get familiar with the game and the basics of duel first. Grab it on Steam (it's free to play), then check out the awesome guides at 4SeasonsGaming.

Do I need to check-in?

Yes, check-in is required before the event begins – from 3 hours before the start. If you're already registered, you'll receive an email with a check-in button when check-ins open.

How can I support you?

If you like what we're doing and want to support us. You can donate below or alternatively email us if you'd like to help in another way. All donations will go towards supporting this and future tournaments. Donators get an invite to our exclusive Divide QL Clan and go up on our thanks page (coming soon).

Got a question not answered here?  Please contact us.


Map Pool

The map pool consists of Aerowalk, Bloodrun, Cure, Furious Heights, Lost World, Sinister and Toxicity.


Players should come to an agreement on their own as to the location of the server. If no agreement can be reached, the location where the ping difference is smallest between the two players will be used. Passwords to servers should not be given out to spectators – they can watch the stream.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be double elimination. Losing a match in the upper bracket puts you in the lower bracket. Winner of the lower bracket plays winner of the upper bracket in the finals.


All players should record their games as demos need to be made available on request for any reason.

Player Availability

If a player is due to play but can't be reached after a reasonable amount of time, The Divide reserves the right to replace him/her with a player who is able to start playing immediately.

No “Aliasing”

You should use your main Quake Live account for this tournament. We have the right to refuse entry, or disqualify at any time, anyone who we suspect to be disingenuous.

Be Respectful

You love this game. So do we. Remember that when you're playing. Be sportsmanlike and respect others and that respect will be returned to you.

Map Choices

All games are best of 3 except for the finals which are best of 5. Map choices will be ban/ban/ban/ban, pick/pick, decider for best of 3. And ban/ban, pick/pick/pick/pick, decider for best of 5. The winner of a cointoss decides who bans first.


The Divide team reserves the right to make a decision based on common sense in some situations, even if the decision contradicts certain rules.


The 'classic' duel ruleset will be used. This means no loadouts or item timers. Lightning gun does 6 damage.